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Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Helped him, He didn't help me - TOPE ALABI Replies Pastor AJANAKU

Popular gospel singer, Tope Alabi's widely reported face-off with her spiritual father, Prophet Ireti Ajanaku seems to be taking a new phase with each passing day.

Tope has not hidden the fact that she dumped the prophet and simply moved on with her life.
She also said told that she'll never return to Ajanaku's Church. Another twist to the whole story is the remarks by Tope alabi's husband, Soji asking the light-skinned Pastor to leave his wife alone. According to im 'its as though he's doomed and its not suppose to be like that. is it a big deal that someone leaves a church for another?

Tope and her husband replied prophet Ajanaku in an interview they granted E24-7 Magazine: Excerpts

Contrary to the rumor that has been flying around recently, Tope narrated how she has helped built the church up to this capacity. She said and I QUOTE "This is a man who likes to fumble and makes too
much noise about himself as if he is God.He always tell the congregation that he's next to God; that he sees God everyday.and he talks to God anytime he likes"

My new song Agbelebu and alagbara that I have just released: he was saying he's the one that i used the album to abuse publicly but I was still in the church when I recorded the song. he said it was because I left his Church that my car was stolen. Meanwhile, my car was stolen on the 25th of December and I left his Church on first of January, so what is he talking about?

Les than 2 yrs after I met him, there was a day he came to my house. Not long after he left on that day, thieves came to rob me and carted away all oF my belongings but I didn't speak to anybody then.

 He also claimed he has mentored me for 12 yrs which is not true.I use to attend the Mountain of Fire Church, but I also visit his Church once in a while to minister for free so as to attract more members. It was my husband that organize all most of the concerts that took place in the Church. We have played major roles by inviting different artistes to the Church. I wonder why he's turning to a tormentor now instead of the mentor he proclaimed to be.

I have never done this man any wrong.I believe God knows us all and knows what our thoughts are. Whoever is lying Hod knows, and if truly he was called by God, its known to God.The time I ought to spend to better my life was used to serve him cos I believed I was doing it for God. This is just about time to move on with my life and wonder why he's ranting...

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